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“Who am I?” It’s a question some people spend a lifetime trying to answer. Most people look for their identity in all the wrong places, leaving them empty and unfulfilled.

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They obtain their self worth in their most recent performance and accolades from their peers. People who lack esteem and confidence often chase meaning and fulfillment using this misleading equation:

Identity Equation

Great leaders know that their identity is not directly tied to their performance or the opinion, or worse the perceived opinion, of others, which can often be misguided or wrong. Instead, they focus on this equation to pursue their best in all areas of their life:

Performance Equation

The key to using the equation above is stay focused on the principles and activities that will enable us to maximize our potential while utilizing thoughts and techniques that will minimize the distractions in our life, or at least our focus on them.  Maximizing your potential involves operating in your strength zone and doing things that advance the ball toward your goals. Minimizing distractions requires you to have perspective and use techniques to diminish your focus on negative things, most of which you cannot control.

Great leaders know they must discover their identity in their core values, not their performance. They don’t let great performances falsely inflate who they are, remaining humble and grounded in their success. They also know that dismal performances will come, and they don’t let mistakes define who they are or impact their self-worth.

Discovering your identity in your core values is absolutely critical and fundamental to living a life of meaning and purpose, thereby creating joy, inner peace, contentment, and fulfillment. It ultimately leads to peak performances in your life! Values provide guidance, direction, meaning and purpose in life. By understanding and living in integrity with your values, you start to understand and answer the question of who you are.

Identity-Performance Equations

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