Mentors and coaches have played a significant role in my life and have impacted me profoundly as it relates to my personal and professional growth. I believe a coach can play a vital role in your life and that is why I offer coaching services in the areas of sports, business, and life. Over the years, I have had the honor and privilege of working with some very successful individuals to help them unleash their potential and accomplish their goals while also growing in the process. Here are the different types of coaching that I offer:

  • Leadership Coaching – While there are many terms for this type of coaching – business coaching, executive coaching, etc. – I use the term Leadership Coaching with the main goal of helping people become more effective at leading themselves and leading others. In this area, I typically work with high potential and high performing leaders who want to accomplish their personal and professional goals, expand their sphere of influence, and direct, guide, and coach the people who work with them in the most effective ways. Read more…
  • Sports Performance Coaching – The mental game is an essential part of an athlete’s performance on the court or their respective field of play. Using sports psychology and sports performance ideas and techniques, I work with elite amateur and professional athletes to help them  develop a high performance mindset leveraging my “Perform in the Moment” system. Read more…
  • Life Coaching – This type of coaching consists of helping you plan your life around the right priorities, purpose, and calling. I have worked with many people in this area to develop a personal mission statement, core values, and SMART goals. I have also coached people through career transitions in their lives using our 3-Step System. Read more…
  • Jump Start Program – The Jump Start program is an individual coaching program that we offer as an initial way to get started with coaching. This program is tailored to anyone who wants to “jump start” their goals and action plans, career, performance, and/or productivity. Read more…
  • Leadership Cohorts – We also offer group coaching in the form of leadership cohorts that last anywhere from 6-12 months. Participants benefit from both group coaching sessions in a peer group as well as individual coaching from me and/or one of my team members. Read more…

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My Credentials as a Coach include:

  • As a Certified Birkman Method Coach and Consultant, I have worked with the Birkman organization to help give feedback and design ideas for tailoring the tool in use with companies, churches, non-profits, and students. I have also worked with their team to integrate the peak performance principles found in his book Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most.
  • Mentored by renowned sports psychologist Dr. David Cook through his Mindset Academy
  • Partner Organization of Dr. David Cook’s Links of Utopia High Performance Institute
  • Certified through Accenture’s Human Performance Institute focused on building high-performing leaders, teams, and businesses
  • Created and developed mentoring and coaching programs for Accenture for consultants at all levels
  • Serve as a peak performance coach to professional and amateur male and female athletes including MLB and NFL players, elite high school athletes and Division 1 college players to help them develop improved focus, mental toughness, confidence, and recovery time as well as guiding them through career development and transitions
  • Serve as a coach to Executive MBAs, staff, and faculty at Rice University and other colleges and universities
  • Have coached high potential and high performing business leaders and entrepreneurs in both a one-to-one and group format on concepts such as business development, time and self management, goal achievement, leadership, balance, productivity, effectiveness, excellence, and career transition and development
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Member of the Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Member of the platform, offering digital, chat-based coaching around habits



“Mike’s passion precedes his presence! He motivates and teaches at the same time. He has a unique ability to communicate ideas through stories and everyday analogies that drive the point home.”Senior Executive/Partner at Accenture
“Mike helped me look inside and seek answers to questions I had been afraid to ask. His insight and understanding made the process of sorting through various options, avenues, thoughts and ideas enlightening. Mike’s book brings clarity to the idea of thinking of your life in terms of moments…and seeking to make the most of them!”Wife/mother/endurance athlete