Read this book! Dare to identify the defining moments in your life and you will achieve your highest potential. Touchdown Mike!Spencer Tillman
Author of the book 'Scoring in the Red Zone' and Fox Sports Lead College Football Studio Analyst


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I wrote my book Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most, because I wanted to challenge and encourage people to fully engage in the life and opportunities they have before them. It is a book that includes impactful stories and 6 principles for truly living your life with passion and on purpose based upon my work with high achievers in sports, business, and life. This book will challenge you to consider the roles you play in life, the priorities that are important to you, and the sphere of influence that you have been given and provide practical advice for making the most of your moments to build truly build momentum.


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Mike is a great storyteller…. In this book he has taken some people’s very personal moments and turned them into opportunities to teach, inspire, motivate, and encourage. And that’s a gift!Ernie Johnson
Sportscaster, TNT/TBS, and Host of Inside the NBA on TNT