Why You Won’t Reach Your Goal

…And What You Can Do About It!

Set Goals

I hate starting a blog with a negative statement!  I am an optimist by nature, so I don’t like hearing the reasons why I can’t do something.  I am also a coach who helps people achieve their goals by focusing on the path to success.  I don’t like to dwell on the reasons why they can’t or won’t reach their dreams. Having said that, I do think it is important to identify the enemy – the distractions that could hinder someone from reaching their potential and distract them from accomplishing their goals.

In my experience, I have heard and seen many things that keep people confined to the chains of potential – that promising, yet detrimental word which can weigh around your neck like an anchor when you do not reach it and people begin to speak about it in the past tense.  Here are some of the top reasons why people don’t reach their goals:


  • They do not specifically define the goal – The goal becomes some nebulous dream that cannot be measured and, therefore, becomes impossible to attain.Grant Climbing
  • They do not develop an action plan to achieve the goal – Many people go through a goal setting exercise, but they never create a tangible plan to achieve the goal.
  • They confuse activity with progress – They go through the motions or remain busy, but their work is not productive in terms of making any kind of progress toward the goal.
  • They do not “own it” – In other words, they identify a goal, but they do not take ownership of the process to reach the outcome.  They allow circumstances and excuses to invade the path to success.
  • They do not commit to it – They desire the outcome, but they do not do everything they can to reach it.
  • They do not schedule the time – They do not make it a priority on their schedule.
  • They allow distractions of fear and doubt to invade the space of performance

There may be other reasons why people don’t reach their goals, but this list rises to the top for me.  You won’t reach your goal because of these distractions.  Or, will you?  Having defined the enemy, here’s a list of steps that will propel you to reaching your goal:

  • Define the goal using the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, Timelined).
  • Develop an action plan to achieve the goalGrant and Kyle
  • Make each day a day of purpose, working on things that will advance the ball toward your goal.  Ask the question: “What’s the highest and best use of myself?” and then do it!
  • Own the goal – Make it YOUR goal, not someone else’s dream.  Take complete responsibility for the outcome, and live by the mantra: “No excuses, no regrets!”
  • Commit to the goal – Give it everything you have!
  • Schedule time for activities that will help you advance the ball toward your goal.  Plan weekly, execute daily.
  • Replace, not repress – Use this peak performance technique to replace the thoughts of fear, pressure, and doubt with thoughts of belief, trust, and confidence knowing you can and you will achieve your goals.


While we cannot control the outcome of the events in our lives, we can take responsibility for the outcome and do everything we can to achieve the hopes, dreams, and goals of our lives.  How will you answer the call?  How will you respond to the statement: “Here’s why you won’t reach your goals!


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