Perform in the Moment©

Quick Summary

Based on my book Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most and my work in coaching elite athletes and high performing leaders in sports, business, and life, I will teach the same principles that have helped many people unleash their potential and achieve their goals.

Session Outline

In this session, I share the stories, insights, and principles that have helped high potential and high performing leaders in sports, business, and life unleash their potential and achieve their goals. I share sports psychology and peak performance tips and techniques based on my “Perform in the Moment©” system to help participants overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and be resilient in their performance.

Target Audience

This talk is geared toward athletes, teams, and sports organizations. I have delivered this to high school and Division 1 teams as well as professional sports organizations. It can also be tailored to sales and financial professionals, consulting organizations, and leadership meetings.

Possible Delivery Formats

This topic can be delivered as a part of a coaches’ meeting with your respective players, a fireside chat over a team dinner, keynote presentation, leadership roundtable discussion, and/or quarterly meeting.

Intended Outcomes

  • Participants will leave with practical, actionable steps to perform at their best.
  • Participants will identify obstacles that hinder and challenge their performance and learn how to mitigate these obstacles with sports psychology tips and techniques.
  • Participants will learn become more “process-focused” while still being “outcome-driven.”
  • Participants will learn how to replace thoughts of fear and doubt with trust and belief in a very practical way that helps them perform in big moments on and off their respective field of play.
  • Participants will learn how to deal with stress and pressure and be more resilient and mentally tough developing a high performance mindset in the process.


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Thanks for considering me to speak for your next event. You can click here to complete our speaking form to let me know about your needs for a speaker and check on my availability. Also, while a lot of my speaking engagements have been private events, here are a couple of sound bites from a few of them to give you a sample of my style.



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