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Marathoner, Triathlete, Speaker, Consultant, and Peak Performance Coach to elite athletes and business professionals helping develop leaders in sports, business, and life

Mike Running 25K PR

I am an endurance athlete focusing on marathons and triathlons. I also serve as a peak performance coach to elite high school, college, and professional athletes including endurance athletes helping them develop mental and physical toughness and perform at their best when it matters most. I am a chaplain for Multisport Ministries, an organization that support over 700 triathletes. In 2011, Rice University asked me to develop a leadership development program for student athletes to help them develop both on and off the court, course, track, and field of play. We are currently conducting the 6th year of this program for Rice and in talks to bring the program to other major universities.

This has been my best racing season yet, and I truly appreciate the support from all of my sponsors and supporters to provide the latest and best gear to help me accomplish my best!

I run for Team Lukes, the running team of Texas-based running store Luke’s Locker, and I achieved my marathon goal with a PR and Boston Qualifying time this year in the Chevron Houston Marathon! I ran a 3:20:55, which I was pleased with given an injury that had cropped up about 2-3 weeks ago that had limited my overall and outdoor mileage. Overall, it was my best racing season with 4 PRs in different races (half marathon, 25K, 30K, and marathon) and some age group placements and a BQ!

I ran a PR in the Houston 25K in November, 2015, with a time of 1:47 and have a PR of 1:29 in the half marathon as well as a PR in the 30K with a time of 2:20.

Favorite Athletic Activities: Running, Cycling, Strength Training, Triathlons, and Coaching my 5 boys in basketball and other sports

Notable athletic accomplishments: Mike had his best racing season yet in the 2015-2016 season with 4 PRs, some age group placement awards, and achieving his top goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

  • 2015 Half Marathon – 1:29 (PR, 6th in Age Group, 53rd overall)
  • 2015 25K – 1:47 (PR, 6th in Age Group, 53rd overall)
  • 2015 30K – 2:20 (PR, 2nd in Age Group, 42nd overall)
  • 2016 Houston Marathon – 3:20 (PR, Boston Qualifier, 50th in Age Group, Top 8% Finish out of approximately 8000 runners)
  • 2012 10K Turkey Dash – 42:35 (2nd in Age Group, 50th overall)
  • 2013 10K Turkey Dash – 42:50 (5th in Age Group, 35th overall)

I only sponsor and support companies, products, and gear that I use, trust, and believe in.  I am open to sponsorship discussions and can be reached via email.

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