Life Coaching

Paving the Way

I love helping people discover their unique gifts and calling. I have a passion for making an impact in the lives of other people and helping them unleash all of who they are in everything they do. Being a leader can be a lonely place, because so many people look to you for answers while you often need the same in return. My focus is to provide a safe place for leaders in sports, business, and life to share about there challenges, issues, and opportunities, and to serve as a coach and a sounding board in that process. My desire is for my clients to pursue integral living – living that is not segmented but complete and whole. My life coaching includes working with individuals in the following areas:

  • Identifying and connecting with your purpose
  • Developing goals in all areas of your life
  • Defining what matters most and then living for those things
  • Developing Your “To-Be” and “To-Do” lists
  • Identifying your gifts, talents, strengths, personality, and passions through personal assessments
  • Conducting profile assessments and 360-degree reviews including the Birkman Method and StrengthsFinder Assessments
  • Discovering your true identity
  • Communicating more effectively with the people who matter most
  • Becoming more effective at self-management
  • Unleashing all of who you are in everything you do
  • Becoming a better leader in your personal relationships
  • Replacing a mindset of fear, uncertainty, and doubt with trust and belief
  • Resolving relational conflicts
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