Intro Episode: Welcome to Monday Morning Moments

Welcome to Monday Morning Moments, my new podcast dedicated to helping you make the most of the moments in your life. The goal is to help you lead a life full of purpose and passion and serve as a catalyst to help you make your life count for what matters most.

Based on my book Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most and my experience in working with elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, I will share stories and teach principles that can help you maximize your potential and achieve your goals. As a complement to my blog, this podcast will focus on how to develop as a leader and create breakthrough moments in sports, business, and life. Specifically, I plan to focus on the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Peak Performance
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Goal Achievement
  • Breakthrough Moments

This will be a weekly podcast, and I plan to post new episodes each Monday as a catalyst to help you fully embrace the opportunities of a new week. You will be able to listen to them here on my blog, as well as review the “show notes.”

I also encourage you to subscribe via iTunes to make it easier to catch every episode. There are also several apps that make it more effective to download and manage podcasts on your iPhone including Downcast, which I highly recommend for managing and listening to your podcasts.

Question: Please leave a comment below about topics or ideas that you would be interested in hearing more about in a future podcast. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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