Picture of Mike Van HoozerMike Van Hoozer is an expert in the psychology of human performance and serves as a leadership expert and peak performance coach to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and elite amateur and professional athletes helping them reach their potential in sports, business, and life. Mike leads the Human Performance Practice for Athenian Consulting Group, a boutique consulting company that provides wise counsel and sustainable results helping to build individual competency, workforce capability, and organizational performance.

Mike is a graduate of Baylor University and a former Senior Executive with Accenture with over 28 years of consulting experience with small and large companies helping to develop high performance individuals, teams, and organizations. He is a passionate and insightful communicator who has dedicated his life to making an impact in the lives of other people. Mike excels at helping individuals and organizations reach their maximum potential through speaking, coaching, and consulting. His client list includes small startup businesses, Fortune 50 companies, churches, non-profit organizations, executives, entrepreneurs, and amateur and professional athletes and performers.

As a former Senior Executive with Accenture, he has worked with every kind of organization including small startup businesses, Fortune 50 companies, amateur and professional athletes, churches, and non-profit organizations. In his work with clients, Mike focuses on helping individuals and organizations reach their maximum potential through workshops and retreats, coaching, and consulting. Mike is a member of the National Speakers’ Association and is sought out as a speaker for organizations and businesses on the topics of leadership, teamwork, passion and purpose, peak performance, significance, and work/life balance.

In sports, he works as a peak performance coach to high school, college, and professional athletes, coaches, and teams including NBA, NFL, and MLB players including members of the 2005 World Series’ Houston Astros team helping them develop focus, mental toughness, confidence, and improved mental recovery time as well as guiding them through career development and transitions. He also created and leads the “Developing Leaders in Sports and Life” leadership development program for student athletes at Rice University which just completed its 6th year.

In business, he serves as a consultant and an executive and life coach to high potential and high performing business leaders and entrepreneurs on the topics of leadership, effectiveness, performance, productivity, and balance. Mike has coached and counseled over a 1000 people including business executives and entrepreneurs in the areas of executive leadership, business development, career transitions, and personal life strategies. He also serves as a coach for executive MBA students and senior faculty and leaders at the college level including Rice University. He has taught as an adjunct faculty member at Baylor University speaking on the topics of organizational and human performance and leadership development. He also collaborated with the Office of Student Life to create a leadership development program, which he is currently delivering to emerging and experienced student leaders at Baylor.

As an author, Mike has written several best-selling books and been a contributing author to several other books for Pearson Publishing and Insight Publishing. He has been published in Fortune magazine and Information Week as well as several online e-zines including CNET. Mike was selected as one of the thought leaders to be published in Accenture’s 2003 Human Performance Insights Year in Review, the firm’s global annual publication to clients that highlights the top articles of the past year. His latest book is entitled Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most.

Personally, Mike is an endurance athlete and recently had his best running year achieving 4 PRs and qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which has been a lifelong goal. Mike has been married to his wife Gina for 25 years and is the “Coach” of his own Van Hoozer basketball team of 5 boys. He also serves as an Executive Board Member for the Katy ISD Education Foundation Board and is a former Board Chairman and Advisory Board member of Child Advocates, a private, non-profit organization that finds safe, permanent, and loving homes for abused and neglected children. He is the Founder and President of Van Hoozer and Associates, a leadership and peak performance think tank and idea studio.

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I write about leadership, productivity, running and endurance sports including products and gear that I test out and use, career development, personal life strategies, and peak performance in sports, business, and life. My focus is to write about topics that are authentic and relevant based on upon my experiences as a coach, speaker, consultant, author, marathon runner, husband, and father of five boys. My goal is to help you connect with your purpose, maximize your potential, and achieve your goals in your personal and professional life.

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