Truly Organic: My Interview With Sarah Jones – Podcast: S02E013

Recently, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing my friend Sarah Jones, founder and CEO of Miss Jones Baking Co. and wanted to share our conversation with you in today’s episode of Monday Morning Moments. Sarah is a friend, innovator, and successful entrepreneur who founded Miss Jones Baking on the idea that baking products could both taste great and include healthy and clean ingredients. She has been referred to as the “Millennial Betty Crocker” and is creating a generational movement back to traditional baking. In just over 2 years, she and her team have been able to get their products into approximately 5000 stores including some of the biggest grocery and health food stores in the United States.

I think you will be inspired by Sarah’s journey to start Miss Jones Baking including how she persevered through the challenges of innovating a market space that had not changed drastically in many years. I think you will also enjoy learning how she leveraged her experiences at several companies to finally launch off on her own to pursue her true calling in life. Also, be sure and check out the special contest giveaway below!

picture of Sarah Jones

Special Bonus: As a result of this interview, Sarah wanted to offer a gift to one lucky person. She has been gracious enough to provide her Miss Jones Baking Bundle (a package that is worth over $70) which includes:

  • 1 package of every Miss Jones Baking product (including cookie and brownie mixes, frosting and cake mixes, and her Limited Edition Peppermint Frosting)
  • 1 custom Miss Jones Baking spatula
  • 1 pack of recipe cards to get you or someone in your house inspired to bake!

The rules of the contest are as follows:

  1. Follow Miss Jones Baking (@missjonesbakes) on Instagram.
  2. Follow Me (@mvanhoozer) on Instagram.
  3. Leave a comment about why you would want to win the Miss Jones Baking Bundle on my Instagram contest post and tag a friend for extra entries and chances to win.
  4. If you are not on Instagram, subscribe to this podcast through either iTunes or Google Play using the Subscribe buttons on this post, and leave a comment on this post after you subscribe saying why you would want to win the Miss Jones Baking Bundle.
  5. You can also follow me and Miss Jones on Facebook for extra chances to win.

The contest begins on December 18th and will end on December 20th. The winner will be notified by December 22, 2017, and we will coordinate getting your baking bundle shipped out to you!

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How To Be A Goal Achiever – Podcast: S02E012

It’s easy to set goals or make resolutions for the new year, but it takes a special kind of person to actually achieve their goals! In today’s episode of Monday Morning Moments, you will learn how to go from being a goal setter to a goal achiever. While you may have achieved some very meaningful and incredible goals in the past, I am sure there are areas of your life where you have not reached the goal or failed in the attempt and process to reach the goal.

Today’s podcast will highlight some specific reasons why people don’t achieve their goals as well as some key techniques and strategies that you can use to help you achieve your goals in the new year and beyond.

Episode Outline:

Here is a link to a blog post on this topic that will provide a great outline of today’s podcast episode:

Why You Won’t Achieve Your Goal


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What Does It Mean To Give Your Best?

Give me your best! I want your best! You’re not giving me your best! This phrase in its many forms and fashions can be heard on the field, track, and court by coaches and parents. But, what does it really mean? And when an athlete hears this phrase, what should they be thinking, and what should they do next?

basketball player with arms in the air

In working with elite amateur and professional athletes on the mental side of their game, this is a phrase and question that I have used in talking to my clients. To me, giving your best is a call to bring everything you have to a given moment.

Specifically, giving your best involves the following:

  • Play with Energy and Effort – This is one of the core values of our basketball academy and for any team I have ever coached. Above all, I demand that my basketball players and the athletes that I work with in other sports bring energy and effort to everything they do! When an athlete in any sport brings energy and effort to their practice, game, event, or match, they greatly increase their chances of success. An athlete must be mentally and emotionally engaged in order to physically impact their performance, and energy and effort engage the mind and heart. Great athletes don’t just go through the motions; they are fully committed to the moment!
  • Unleash Your Talent – In order to give your best, you can’t just timidly unveil your talent; you must relentlessly unleash your talent on the competition. Athletes who do this well know their strengths and trust them in a fearless way to deliver their best performances. They don’t hold back in terms of things they can do to impact the outcome of a game. They bring all of who they are creating value and impact in the process.
  • Compete Fearlessly – When you give your best, you don’t worry about what the competition is doing. You become so focused on YOUR best that you don’t concern yourself with THEIR best. The goal is to compete with a fearless spirit, which means to trust more and fear less. The whole goal of a game, match, or event is to compete. Sometimes, I see players and teams melt down mentally before the game is even played due to the perceived talent of the other team. They lose before they even begin the game, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We teach our athletes to have a mindset of competition and to compete fearlessly in every situation, which helps them focus on something they can control versus an outcome they can only influence.

Whether you are an athlete, a business leader, or an entrepreneur, I encourage you to “play your game” with energy and effort, to unleash your talent in everything you do, and to compete fearlessly trusting your talents over your circumstances. In short, bring your best…today and every day!

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