2 New Resources From Michael Hyatt

I always love passing on great content from resources and people that have made an impact in my life. I have been following Michael Hyatt for a long time, and his blog insights as well as his product and service offerings have benefited me as I strive to grow each year. He has put together a brief ebook that compiles insights from more than 30 thought leaders, influencers, and high achievers on their top strategies for
starting the year off right:


He has also put together a LifeScore Assessment that you can take for free to assess your level of engagement and satisfaction in the areas of your life that matters most. It only takes about 10 minutes to take this free assessment to see how you score.

BYE LifeScore Assessment


Mentoring is the process of pouring your life into the life of another person. Mentoring involves a true commitment to care enough about the life of another person to help them reach their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. A good mentor shares wisdom learned from successes and failures. A true mentor listens well, shares advice when necessary or prompted, and leads by example. Sometimes, just being in the presence of your mentor can provide you with the energy and enthusiasm to accomplish your goals, persevere through trials, and conquer your fears. It is not always what a mentor says but the intensity with which he or she listens that can provide the answers.

I remember the last year that I spent with my grandfather provided me with a wealth of inspiration and insight. At this point in his life, he was trying to persevere through cancer, and his faculties were not as sharp as they once had been. Just being in his presence, however, brought back the memories of every wise word he had said, every noble deed he had done, and every magnificent moment he had leveraged to listen to my hopes and dreams.

Pat and Me

I thought about the times he took me to meet his friends for coffee. This regular ritual was a mentoring group before the word was popular. I was barely old enough to know what coffee was, but he took me along like I was “one of the boys.” His friends accepted this minor intrusion on their time out of respect for my grandfather. If he said it was ok, then it must be.

I also thought about all of the values that he instilled in me like a hard work ethic, integrity, serving others, humility, authenticity, and a love for God, your family, and other people. My grandfather did not speak a lot of words during his last year on this earth, but his life and the time I spent in his presence spoke volumes.

Who has been a mentor to you? Who are you mentoring? Mentoring is the kind of thing that must be paid forward. During the Thanksgiving holidays, I encourage and challenge you to do two things. First, reach out in some way to the people who have made an impact in your life – your family, friends, co-workers – and say thanks. You could even take the time to actually write a note or letter and mail it – something that is not done as much these days given the proliferation of e-mail. Second, set a goal of serving as a mentor to someone.

The funny thing about mentoring is that the mentor many times becomes the true learner.

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Yes, You Can Inspire Others!

Some people feel like they cannot inspire others. It is not because they don’t believe that people can be inspired by others to move forward. They just believe that they do not have the perceived “magical” qualities to influence others to action. They falsely assume that only a select few have the secret sauce to inspiring others to success. They think that only Leaders with an emphasis on the capital “L” have the platform to impact others. They wrongly believe that only people who stand on a stage or platform speaking and performing for others could garner enough capital to capture someone’s attention.

Happy People

The reality is that you can inspire others to action every day. You have been blessed with unique talents that only you possess. You have been given a sphere of influence and have been created in a certain manner in order to know and discern what people in this sphere need. An encouraging word. A smile. Positive feedback. Challenging them to reach their potential. We all have these opportunities no matter how big our stage is and what platform we possess. I believe there are 3 ways that we can do this:

  • Our Words – Evaluate the words you use every day. Do they set a positive tone and outlook for you and for others? Or, are you like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh constantly predicting gloom and doom for the future with sayings like, “It’s probably going to rain today,” when there is not a cloud in the sky.
  • Our Actions – The way we live our lives communicates volumes to others about what we believe. We don’t want this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote to be said of us: “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” Make sure that your talk matches your walk and that your example lines up with what you espouse.
  • Our Ability to Listen – Many times, we are so focused on what we want to say that we miss what others are communicating both verbally and non-verbally about their current situation. This is what I have learned from being a coach to athletes and business people as well as examining the best mentors in my own life. People want to be heard and understood in order to be inspired.

Inspirational people live from a foundation of a strong character versus the circumstances of the day. They base their lives on principles that are timeless, not trendy, and they inspire others through their words and their actions. Yes, you can inspire others and positively influence them in their life journey. The choice is up to you whether you will embrace this opportunity.

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Shoot Your Shot

It was the 1997 NBA Finals. The Chicago Bulls with their dynamic duo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were playing the Utah Jazz with their tandem of John Stockton and Karl Malone. The score was tied 86-86, and the Bulls called timeout with 28 seconds left to discuss their strategy. During the timeout, Michael Jordan leaned over to teammate Steve Kerr and told him that Stockton was probably going to come over to double team him. Kerr thought about the underlying message of what Jordan was communicating to him in that moment and responded, “If he comes off, I’ll be ready!”

Jordan got the ball, took a few dribbles, and the play developed just as Jordan had envisioned it. John Stockton left Steve Kerr to double team Jordan, who passed it to his open teammate. Steve Kerr was indeed ready, shot the ball in rhythm, and sealed the victory for the Bulls’ 5th NBA championship.

Basketball about to score

So many times, we don’t take the shot that life presents to us. We either freeze up due to fear of missing the shot, or we are not prepared for the moment when we receive the ball. Whether you are playing in a big basketball game, parenting your children, or leading your team at work, here are 3 things we can learn from Steve Kerr’s most memorable moment as an NBA player about shooting your shot:

  • Be Prepared and Stay Ready – As you will see in the video below, Michael Jordan looked at Steve Kerr and thought about what he was going to say before he said it. He knew he wanted Steve to be prepared for what he believed would eventually happen. While Steve admitted later that he was not as confident as he sounded in the moment, he received Michael’s belief in him and was ready when the moment came. As Kerr walked onto the court, he probably recalled the thousands of jump shots that he had taken over the years and was ready when he received the ball. While you cannot always predict when defining moments will happen, you can be prepared for them by developing your strengths, practicing daily, and growing in experience.
  • Embrace the Moment – I often wonder what Steve Kerr must have been thinking when Michael Jordan, one of the best players and closers of the game, communicated that he might pass to him. Amongst all of the potential thoughts of pressure and fear, Kerr embraced the moment and told Jordan he would be ready. In life, we cannot shirk our duties, responsibilities, and our opportunities. Opportunity doesn’t always knock twice, and when the phone rings, we must be ready and willing to answer the call knowing we were made for this moment. Embracing the moment involves understanding the importance of the moment and the part you can play to make something happen. Whether you are a parent, an athlete, or a business leader, there are people in your life that are counting on you to embrace the moment to make a positive difference when the “game” is on the line.
  • Shoot the Shot – Finally, we learn that Steve Kerr took the shot. He didn’t hesitate or freeze up, and he didn’t pass the ball like a hot potato to someone else. He stepped into the pass and took the shot without ever thinking that it might not go in. When opportunities present themselves, we must be ready to “shoot the shot.” We can’t be thinking about all of the things that might never happen and having regret over shots we haven’t taken. We must take action in the moment that has been given. We must engage mentally, emotionally, and physically in the current moment and perform.

Your life is filled with opportunities for you to make a positive difference within your sphere of influence every day. Step up, and shoot the shot!