Go Bold!

Rarely do people admit they want to do something timidly.  Most people I know, talk to, and work with in the areas of sports, business, and life want to do things in a bold way.  They want to dream big dreams and accomplish incredible goals.  I have never heard someone say, “You know, when I do my work or compete in my match, I just want to be timid today.”

Snowboarder Jumping

Yet, if we are truly honest with ourselves, there are areas of life and moments in time when we become fearful and timid versus fearless and bold.  We don’t say it, but we show it through our lives and the approach we take to solve an issue or accomplish a goal.  What does this look like?

7 Leadership Lessons From Being An Undersized Point Guard

I was not created with incredible height; yet, I did not let that limit me in my pursuit of playing basketball and competing on the court.  I was a part of some incredible teams in high school including one that went 32-3 and made it to the state championship game at the highest level in the state of Tennessee.  As a 5’10 (or maybe 5’9”) point guard, I was not always the first pick based on appearance but definitely strived to make an impression based on my play.  The key was not letting a limiting belief like my lack of size compared to other people hold me back from competing and achieving my best.

Will, Drew, and me

Based on my experience, here are 7 leadership lessons that I learned from this journey: