My New Web Site

You may have noticed that we have totally redesigned my web site based on reader feedback with the following goals:

  • Create a more user friendly, personable, and professional site
  • Consolidate my blog and my web site into one site
  • Provide more resources including articles, audio, video, podcasts, quotes, etc.
  • Provide an interactive site that allows readers an easier way to provide comments and share the content via social media
  • Offer more products and resources including both paid and free
  • Create a site that has dynamic and interactive content and is updated on a frequent basis.

We have heard you and feel like this new site provides a great destination for you to learn, grow, and interact. My focus remains the same: To develop leaders in sports, business, and life and help you maximize your potential and achieve your goals!


Question: What do you think of my new web site? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

The Invisible Hand of Leadership© In Austin

Our online site to sign up for our first public offering of “The Invisible Hand of Leadership©” is live! This is a workshop we have offered privately to large and small organizations, companies, and university athletic programs and schools. Check out the link to learn more and register today for this impactful leadership training in Austin on July 22nd!
ACG LDP Workbook Cover

How To Leverage Birthdays To Build Your Legacy

Recently, I celebrated my birthday. As we increase in age, the actual celebration takes place with less people and less fanfare. It may include some of the most important people in your life like your family or a few close friends unless it is a milestone birthday. With technology, however, an online celebration seems to occur on places like Facebook and other social media sites where people weigh in on your newsfeed with all kinds of well wishes and encouragement.

Moments Cookie Cake

As I surveyed the birthday responses on my Facebook page (as well as email, text messages, and other social media), I discovered 3 types of content from friends, family, and other colleagues and acquaintances: 1) Appreciation for the past, 2) Hope for future moments, and 3) Encouragement to enjoy the present day. It spurred a reminder for me about a quote that I included in my book Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most:

“To every man there comes that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered that chance to do a very special thing unique to him and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for that work.”

Leaders Help Their People Succeed

True leaders do everything it takes to help the people they are responsible for succeed. They recognize the gifts and talents of their people, and they nurture this talent to help them pursue their maximum potential. They realize that their position provides them a unique opportunity to be responsive to the hopes, needs, dreams, and goals of the people they lead. They also understand that if they can tap into this talent, incredible goals can be accomplished individually, collectively as a team, and organizationally.

A leader and her team