Asking The Right Questions

Great leaders are curious and seek to ask the right questions of themselves and others. Curiosity leads to personal growth and development by forcing you to be vulnerable and open to new possibilities. When you ask insightful questions, you typically receive wisdom in return that you can leverage to maximize your potential and achieve your goals. Also, the best leaders that I have worked with and studied possess a high degree of self awareness and accomplish this by consistently asking great questions of themselves in order to learn and grow.

As you begin your week, I thought you might appreciate this list of 7 questions that I use with my coaching clients and team development groups. Most of these questions are self-reflecting questions, but they can also be used in conversations with others who know you well. May these questions keep you curious and serve as a catalyst for your personal and professional growth as a leader in sports, business, and/or life.

Leadership Questions

We offer coaching in the areas of sports, business, and life and would love to serve as a catalyst for your growth. We also offer leadership programs and consulting services to help you, your team, and your organization perform at your best. Connect with me to let me know how we can help.

Question: What questions have you found useful in your personal and professional growth? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Everyone Should Receive A “Pat”

This blog entry is a tribute to my grandfather Pat Joyner and the legacy he helped create! This excerpt has been adapted from my book Moments: Making Your Life Count For What Matters Most. Pat was my grandfather and an incredible man of integrity! Although he is no longer alive, I love him and everything he stood for. Everyone should have a “Pat” in their lives!

Pat and MeMy grandfather was the first male figure that appeared on the scene. His name was Pat, and he was the father of my mother. He was a man of truth and integrity, living his life in such a way that what he said matched up with how he lived. We had “man-to-man” talks, rides in his car, and rides on his lap. I remember, as well as a 5-year old can remember, looking up into his eyes and wanting to be just like him. He invited me to go with him everywhere. It was the ideal mentoring relationship, where I was experiencing what it was like to be a “real man.” It didn’t seem weird at the time, but as I look back at it, many fathers, and especially grandfathers, didn’t provide the kind of insight and access to their life that Pat did for me.

I was proud of Pat, and he was proud of me. He took me – his only grandson and a fatherless one at that – and lived his life before me. Pat took me to play golf before the days of Tiger Woods and child prodigies. At the time, it was rare for a country club to allow a youngster on the course, because it might slow up the game for others. Pat told the suspicious officials at the club that I was his caddy and ball watcher. He insisted that I ride in the cart so that I could give him advice on shots and help him find his ball. I knew I could help him find his golf balls, but at the time, I wasn’t so sure about being a caddy. I didn’t know the difference between a fade and a draw, much less what club to use in different situations. At the age of 8, the biggest club in the bag looks like the perfect club to use on every shot. He would also let me hit balls on the course during our rounds together.

Mission, Vision, Core Values Workshop

We believe that great leadership is one of the key traits of any successful team, business, or organization. We also believe that outstanding organizations possess a strong sense of purpose based on the right mission, vision, core values, and operating principles. In addition to our leadership training and coaching, we offer Mission, Vision, and Core Values Workshops that focus on developing and refining your mission and vision, defining what your core values look like in practice, and creating operating principles that outline what your team members need from each other to be successful.

Bridge of Shared Values

Contact me or Tracy Letzerich to discover how we could help you transform the way you and your team interact with each other and with the customers and clients they serve.

Quote Card-Great Mentors

This has been my experience with all of the incredible mentors I have had in my life and what I have tried to give back to others I have led, coached, and mentored! I am so grateful for the investment my mentors have made in me!

Discover Your Identity

“Who am I?” It’s a question some people spend a lifetime trying to answer. Most people look for their identity in all the wrong places, leaving them empty and unfulfilled.

frustrated young business man

They obtain their self worth in their most recent performance and accolades from their peers. People who lack esteem and confidence often chase meaning and fulfillment using this misleading equation:

Identity Equation

Champions Always See Possibilities

The year was 1987.  Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers were locked in a classic NBA Championship showdown against Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics.  Seven seconds remained in a pivotal Game 4.  The Lakers were down 106-105, and the home Celtic fans were rabid.  What happened next would become one of the top moments in NBA history.

Magic and Riley

Quote Card-Compete